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October 13 - November 19, 2022


Mills Art Gallery

Dream Sequence / Figure & Form: Works by Robert Rivers and Scott Ross Exhibition

The gallery currently represents a multitude of artists of various generations and backgrounds.

Dream Sequence / Figure & Form: Works by Robert Rivers and Scott Ross Exhibition

Time & Location

October 13 - November 19, 2022

Mills Art Gallery, 1650 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL

About The Event


Exhibition Title: FIGURES AND FORM Artists: SCOTT ROSS

Exhibition Dates: Thursday, October 13th – Saturday, November 19th

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 13th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Facebook Event:

The Mills Gallery is pleased to present the works of Robert Rivers and Scott Ross.

From earliest childhood, regardless of anything else, Robert Rivers has — incessantly, painstakingly, and furiously — drawn pictures. The main body of Rivers work, from The Hospital Prints (1976) to The Promised Land (2010-present) is informed by tragic death: the former that of his mother in 1974; the latter that of his beloved nephew Thomas, a Marine killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

Scott Ross, owner and operator of Scott Ross Photo since 1975, began taking photographs of his friends and neighbors when he was in high school. His father, Michael Ross, was a well-known photographer in Brooklyn and on Long Island, New York. Scott began experimenting with his father’s Rolleiflex and Hasselblad cameras and, following his father’s footsteps, created a name for himself in the wedding and portraiture business.

Despite his success in the field, his true passion and creativity lies in photography as an art form. Inspired by the early masters of black and white, the simple subtleties of light and composition, Scott creates large format images of the nude female form.

Scott’s approach to a shoot is straightforward and simple. Whether it’s outside or in a studio he uses natural light and flash as needed. He comes with a few ideas for his model and then tries to inspire improvisation from himself and the model. He does all his own editing and printing.

Photography, mixed media works, paintings, and drawings will be shown.

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